Elizabeth Trevathan

Student journalist | Co-Director of Rubicon Online | Journalism Education Association 2022 Minnesota Journalist of the Year
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I am a co-Director of Rubicon Online, the student news site of St. Paul Academy and Summit School, where I am a senior. I have been a student journalist for the last four years, and I am highly interested in environmental journalism. For two years, I have directed our staff through distanced and hybrid learning and now in person. You can find more information about my experience as a student journalist and all of my published work on this site. Recently, JEA recognized me as the 2022 Minnesota Journalist of the Year. Click below to enter my JOY portfolio.

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] Companies strive for Minnesota non-ferrous deposits

December 4, 2021 – RubicOnline Copper and nickel deposits were discovered near Duluth in 1948. While there are currently no mines in Minnesota, PolyMet Mining and Twin Metals Minnesota are developing the state’s first non-ferrous mine. There is a current trend toward more electric equipment (trucks, drills, shovels) in the mines. Joe Henderson, director of […]

[STAFF EDITORIAL] Recognize the history of Thanksgiving and celebrate Indigenous cultures instead

November 17, 2021 — Rubicon Online 100% staff consensus The story of Thanksgiving is complex. The common story builds off historic misconceptions adapted and mainstreamed over time. To unearth a true story and adapt to a meaningful celebration, it’s necessary to decolonize the stories we tell. Here’s what we know: There was a celebratory harvest […]

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] Line 3 in use, destruction arises

October 11, 2021 – RubicOnline October 14, 2021 – Best of SNO Barely three days after oil first flowed through the new Line 3 pipeline, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released information on the environmental destruction caused by the pipeline. Construction punctured aquifers in January, and Artesian groundwater in the rural community of Clearwater County […]