Photos can capture the story in one frame. One click can capture the faces and the action.
Photography is a hobby of mine. I took two years of photography courses and am currently taking Honors Art Seminar. As a hobby, I focus on scenic and nature photography. As a photojournalist, I focus on candid shots of people. Beautiful photos of an eagle soaring through the sky or a scenic picture of the Mississippi River evokes an emotion from the audience.
On the other hand, photojournalism captures the feeling of the subject to aid in telling their story. It connects a face to an issue or an event. Below you will find my best candid shots that tell the story of a cross country race, a protest, and school traditions.

Sports Photography

[PHOTO STORY] Varsity Cross Country crosses the finish line for the IMAC Conference Championship

Published on Rubicon Online on October 18, 2021

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Varsity Cross Country competed in Independent Metro Athletic Conference Championship on Oct. 14 at Battle Creek Park. Fans followed the runners through the park, cheering them on and taking photos at checkpoints and at the finish line.
All teams participating take off for the Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run Finals.
Ninth-grader Finn Miller-Fimpel (left) and Senior Justin Troth (right), finished with similar times. Troth finished in 29th place and Miller-Fimpel finished 0.30 seconds later in 30th place. Miller-Fimpel said, “There is a huge sense of community, much more than what I was expecting, and it’s really helped me, and probably others, have really fun and record-breaking races.”
Sophomore Violet Benson (left) continues through the mid-way checkpoint with sophomore Annie Hlavka (right) close behind. Benson finished 22nd and Hlavka finishes 37th.
Senior Naci Konar-Steenberg finished in 35th place. He said, “It was a breakthrough race for the team: we had five people on varsity under twenty minutes (four boys and one girl), and six out of the seven people on boys’ varsity got a personal best time. That’s significant because the course we ran on, which was at Battle Creek, is generally considered to be rather difficult, but we had plenty of personal and season bests.”
Ninth-grader Maren Overgaard finishes in 12th place. Overgaard said, “All of my teammates are so inspirational. They are so encouraging and supportive, no matter what, and I always look forward to seeing them at practice. We have had such a great season so far, and I am excited to see what we can do at sections.”

Protest Coverage

St. Paul march calls for the protection of black women

Published on Rubicon Online on October 13, 2020

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Over one hundred people marched down Grand Ave. carrying signs with different words but the same message. Black women matter.
The march started at the Governor’s mansion and one protestor directed their sign to Governor Walz.
One sign reads, “Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter.”
More signs read, “Say her name,” “We will never stop fighting for black lives,” “Black women deserve better.”

Assembly Coverage

LIP SYNC BATTLE. It’s a homecoming tradition that adds performances to the week’s schedule. Students prepare a routine for a song of their choice and perform it for the entire student body. Teachers act as judges and announce the winner at the end. Junior Rylan Hefner, last year’s fan-favorite, performed “Vogue” by Madonna.

Published on Rubicon Online on September 27, 2019

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FLASH MOB. SPA holds an annual dodgeball tournament as a part of the homecoming celebrations where the winning time gets to face off against the ultimate faculty team. During assembly, the faculty dodgeball team introduced themselves via flash mob.

Photos of the assembly, including senior speakers, announcements, and introductions, were taken for Ibid Yearbook and can be found on Flickr here.