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Student journalist | Co-Director of Rubicon Online | Journalism Education Association 2022 Minnesota Journalist of the Year
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I am a co-Director of Rubicon Online, the student news site of St. Paul Academy and Summit School, where I am a senior. I have been a student journalist for the last four years, and I am highly interested in environmental journalism. For two years, I have directed our staff through distanced and hybrid learning and now in person. You can find more information about my experience as a student journalist and all of my published work on this site. Recently, JEA recognized me as the 2022 Minnesota Journalist of the Year. Click below to enter my JOY portfolio.

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] Russia’s war on Ukraine is partly a war on climate

It’s morally necessary for countries to remove themselves from any dependency on Russia, however, the U.S. and Europe should use this as an opportunity to kickstart a transition to green energy instead of reverting long-term to coal.

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] Reorienting St. Paul to river, one learning center at a time

The Great River Passage Master plan has prompted a project on the East Side River District in St. Paul that will help protect and heal surrounding landscape.

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] Cooley’s research: snorkeling, sharks, & sunscreen

February 10, 2022 — RubicOnline “The one thing I’ve never liked are dolphins. I do not like dolphins; they are the frat boys of the ocean,” junior Linnea Cooley said.Cooley is passionate and opinionated about all living things underneath the ocean’s surface. It all started in fifth grade when she got glasses. Her family usually […]

[SPA Thinks] Should SPA transition to distance learning model?

January 31, 2022 — RubicOnline Minneapolis public schools return from two weeks of distance learning on Monday, and St. Paul students walked out on Jan. 18, requesting distance learning or increased safety precautions. St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s administration has assured students and families that distance learning is not necessary to keep the community […]

Omicron is here. Mitigation continues.

January 21, 2022 — RubicOnline with Henry Burkhardt The newest and most transmissible COVID-19 variant yet, Omicron, is here and altering the school day. The variant spreads more easily than the original COVID-19 virus. Anyone with an Omicron infection can spread the virus regardless of their vaccination status. Breakthrough infections in people who are fully […]

[SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS] [MOVIE REVIEW] Don’t Look Up checks all the boxes of a great movie

January 7, 2022 – RubicOnline Warning: this article contains spoilers. Don’t Look Up begins with Ph.D. candidate Kate Dibiasky, played by Jennifer Lawrence, discovering a comet approaching earth. She alerts her professor Randall Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. They calculate that the comet is approximately nine kilometers wide, or as big as the comet that […]