Snow Cold Skating

25 February 2019 – Up North Literary Journal

buy Lyrica in thailand A borrowed ice drill from a family friend,
to see if the ice would hold,
and a newly bought shovel,
to clear off the handmade rink.
Brought happiness to my small head
bundled up in mittens and coats.
Momma said helmets were a good idea,
but she never said I had to. A big brother,
an expert skater,
taught me
how to glide across the ice.
We bought new skates,
that already smelled like sweat.
And with all my nerves
bundled in my chest,
he held my hands and led me to the frozen river.
Day after day, I slowly got better
as snow fell like glitter pouring out of a bottle.

On the last day,
the eldest brother came,
to play a game of 2 v 1.
My brothers fought,
laughing at each other,
remembering when they were younger
playing every day.
And I sat unsure of where to go.

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