Freshman Maggie Fields, Freshman Ellie Sandeen, and US English Teacher Kristen Collier listen to the latest news at a People for Environmental Protection Meeting. Photo: Elizabeth Trevathan
US Math Teacher Mary Lincoln, US English Teacher Kristen Collier, and Senior and President of People for Environmental Protection, Iris Shaker-Check, have a weekly meeting to catch up on their current projects.
MORE THAN WINNING. Director of Debate Tom Fones teaches a class. Fones said, “I can see the confidence and the public speaking skill coming up so that when they graduate I know they’re going to have those skills.”
IT’S ALL DEBATABLE. 9th graders Davyd Carchuk, Samuel Zelazo, Val Chafee, Jack Hlavka (front), sophmores Maxanne Millerhaller, Allison Audette, 9th graders Nafisa Hagi-Aden, and Maura Hartfeldt (middle) and 9th graders Noa Gross and Ellie Sandeen listen closely in class.
FOCUS. Sophomore Aman Rahman and 9th grader Jack Hlavka pay close attention in class so to improve debating skills for future debates.
Besse believes that animation and movie is the future of art and has a plan to become an director in the future.
Besse has taken art classes at St. Paul Academy and Summit School before and plans to take classes next year to further her exploration of animation.
Nan Besse drew this image of Gabriel Fauré, a composer, for her grandpa who is a fan of Fauré.
One way that drawing and writing influence each other in Besse’s life is that she uses drawings to figure out characters. “I love drawing people in different styles. [..] When you draw, there’s just so much that you don’t actually realize it just writing about it but if you draw it out, you kind of like force yourself to be like, hey, like this is what I want.”
Besse started with hand-drawings that were influenced by literature and history, but as her art grew, she started looking towards the future of art and started learning about animation.
9th grader Alex Moore looks reading notes for French class.