PEP plants for pollinators

May 8 2019 – RubicOnline

Members of People for Environmental Protection gathered with a few other students on Tuesday to plant a pollinator garden behind the track. PEP spent the last year meeting with Upper School Council, administers, and the grounds crew to make the pollinator garden happen.

see this site Sophomore Niko Liepins said, “Our planting today was a wonderful way to mark the culmination of everyone’s hard work leading up to this point. We started talks about implementing a pollinator garden last school year, and we’ve finally achieved our goal. Really, it just feels great to be able to see all of our dedication in the flesh, and it’s awesome that we all got to share that experience.”

Members of PEP as well as other students work together to plant. One group of students digs holes as another group gets plants ready to plant.
Niko Liepins
Junior Celeste Parke-Reimer digs a hole as and junior Tina Wilkens prepares a plant.
Niko Liepins
Junior Sonja Henze plants a plant with the help of another PEP member.
Niko Liepins
Juniors Celeste Parke-Reimer, Sonja Henze, Sydney Therien, Abby Hedberg, and Amelia Batson have worked for the last year in PEP to plan for the pollinator garden.
Niko Liepins

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