RubicOnline News Co-Editor

May 2019 to Present

buy chloroquine phosphate canada Job / What the News Editor Does:

The News editors maintain the News section and facilitate all conversations surrounding school news. This includes…

  • Brainstorming news ideas
  • Choosing stories for the section (including full stories and news in briefs)
  • Writing news in briefs and taking photos of important and newsworthy events in the community when they happen
  • Editing news stories
  • Working closely with other editors to manage content including Rubicon (print) news editors to keep RubicOnline up-to-date, timely, and fresh, in terms of news coverage
  • Posting on social media on assigned dates and when there is an important event that should be documented. Specific Skill Set:

The News editor must have a keen eye for news and good organization and management skills. This means…

  • Being able to tell the difference between straight news, news analysis, and opinion
  • Being able to edit stories effectively and efficiently for news must-haves
  • Being involved enough in the school community to know what is happening that is news-worthy
  • Being able to adjust the News section at the last minute (because news needs to be timely and up-to-date)
  • Understanding WordPress and how to troubleshoot
  • Being able to take decent and professional photos
  • Understanding journalism ethics
  • Be able to talk to writers in a positive, helpful, specific way

Staff Writer for The Rubicon and RubicOnline

August 2018 to May 2019

Once a student in Writing for Publications understands AP style and the ethics that The Rubicon and RubicOnline follow, they become staff writers. Staff writers assist editors in brainstorming and developing story ideas for the upcoming issue of The Rubicon and articles on RubicOnline. The editors will assign the staff writers with a story idea, and the writers will develop the article entirely. Their job is to research the topic, gather interviews and photos, and write the article while maintaining a high standard of ethics. Writers collaborate with their editors on the story, with edits on AP style, the angle of the story, content, balance, and more. Staff writers are in charge of the complete look of the article, from the words to the images and sometimes social media posts and the layout of the article. After multiple drafts and due dates, the writer has completed the article, and it is ready for publishing.

Staff Writer for Ibid

August 2018 to March 2019

All staff members have the responsibility of reporter, as do staff writers in Writing for Publication I and II. This includes coming up with story topics, writing questions, interviewing people, writing at least three drafts of their stories, taking photos, and placing and designing the story into the yearbook while following the templates and the style of the yearbook as a whole.