“Taking Shape: The Personal Essay” at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, MN

Clicking Here The warm beverage tickles my tongue as the scent opens my eyes. Memories have formed around this insignificant thing. Some people are addicted to the feeling of speed, I, on the other hand, am addicted to smiling.

redustat orlistat The summer that I started drinking coffee, my family continuously would wander around the small Wisconsin town at dusk, bumping into one another carelessly, sipping the warm drink.

neurobion forte price ph Not a full year later, it was a welcome home gift. I had just arrived back at school after a week-long bonding experience with my grade up north. While everyone else snacked on food in the cafeteria with family and friends, I was hugged and asked how I was. A quick answer explained how I hadn’t slept in a week, and before I could finish my sentence, I was rushed out of the room. Laughing through the situation, I was searching for a reason as to why we were running out the nearest exit of the school and around the building. As my brother ran through the halls, with me following closely behind, my mother finally explained that they were trailering the boat and that they were currently taking up three parking spaces. As we jumped in the car, a coffee cup sat in my usual cup holder, and with wide eyes, I took a sip, enjoying the warm drink on my throat, and I welcomed the burst of energy to my exhausted body.

Memories continue to be shared around this drink in my life. Friendships with strangers grew from standing in lines, waiting for my dad’s name to be called displaying that our drinks are ready, inside jokes with people who I could only recognize by their face because formal introductions were never made. To most people, coffee is a necessity to get their day started with a hint of productivity. To me, coffee is a necessity to start my day with a smile.

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